There are many causes of Construction project failure, whether a small or complete failure, and most failures are a result of more than one cause. Some causes may directly or indirectly affect other causes. For example, political problems can lead to planning and execution failure. For easy understanding, I have divide project failure into three categories

1)planning/execution failures
2)Governance/stakeholder failures
3)Political failures

Let’s discuss one by one…

1)Planning/execution failures:

The main causes of construction project failure is due to execution of work. let’s discuss all failure points.

causes of construction project failure
  1. Business case deterioration.
  2. Business case requirements changed.
  3. significantly over the life of the project.
  4. Technical obsolescence has occurred.
  5. Technologically unrealistic requirements.
  6. Lack of a clear vision.
  7. Plan asks for too much in too little time.
  8. Poor estimates, especially financial.
  9. Unclear or unrealistic expectations.
  10. Assumptions, if they exist at all, are unrealistic.
  11. Plans are based upon insufficient data.
  12. No systemization of the planning process.
  13. Planning is performed by a nonplanning group.
  14. Inadequate or incomplete requirements.
  15. Lack of resources.
  16. Assigned resources lack experience or the necessary skills.
  17. Resources lack focus or motivation.
  18. Staffing requirements are not fully known.
  19. Constantly changing resources.
  20. Poor overall project planning.
  21. Established milestones are not measurable.
  22. Established milestones are too far apart.
  23. The environmental factors have changed causing outdated scope.
  24. Missed deadlines and no recovery plan.
  25. Budgets are exceeded and out of control.
  26. Lack of replanning on a regular basis.
  27. Attention does not provide to the human and organizational structure aspects of the project.
  28. Project estimates are best guesses and not based upon history or standards.
  29. Not enough time provided for estimating.
  30. Miss data of important mild stone.
  31. Team members working with conflicting requirements.
  32. People are shuffled in and out of the project with little regard for the schedule.
  33. Poor or fragmented cost control.
  34. Weak project and stakeholder communications.
  35. Poor assessment of risks if done at all.
  36. The wrong type of contract.
  37. A not clear understanding of the whole project.
  38. management, especially virtual team members.
  39.  Technical objectives are more important than business objectives.
  40. Not sufficient time to important work.
  41. Poor performance tracking metrics.
  42. Poor risk management practice.
  43. Insufficient organizational process asset.

2) Governance/stakeholder failures:

causes of construction project failure
  1. End-use stakeholders not involved throughout the project.
  2. Minimal or no stakeholder backing; lack of ownership.
  3. The new executive team in place with different visions and goals.
  4. Constantly changing stakeholders.
  5. The lower organization does not know about the goals of the company/project.
  6. Unclear stakeholder requirements.
  7. Passive user stakeholder involvement after handoff.
  8. Organizational processes vary with each stakeholder, it will create problems.
  9. Weak project and stakeholder communications.
  10. The inability of stakeholders to come to an agreement.

3) Political failures:

causes of construction project failure
  1.  New elections resulting in a change of power.
  2. Changes in the host country’s fiscal policy, procurement policy, and labor policy.
  3. Civil unrest resulting from a coup, acts of terrorism, kidnapping, ransom, assassinations, civil war, and insurrection.
  4. Significant inflation rate changes resulting in unfavorable monetary conversion policies.
  5. A contractual failure such as license cancellation and payment failure.

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