which type of foundation used in residental building ?

   Which type of foundation used in residential building ?
What are Types of Building Foundations and How Do They Distribute ...

Hello guys today we will discuss which type of foundation we will used in construction of resident building and which will more economical and durable. We learnt various type of foundation but  we have to  use that foundation which will safe and economical.
As we know we mostly  cant used deep foundation in residential building because it cause too much cost and our structure does not contain that much of loading. But when soil contain expansive nature and too much low bearing capacity than we have to go  with deep foundations.
Lets first see various type of shallow foundations according uses

In Load bearing residential building 

In load bearing structure we generally use strip footing as a foundation.
Strip footing is the simplest footing in shallow foundation in this footing masonary wall laid on plain cement concrete or brick bat cement concrete.

which type of foundation used in residental building ?
Strip Footing

This type of shallow footing only used in load bearing residential building where numbers of stories are less.

In frame structures residential building

In frame structure we go for following footing.

1.      Spread or isolated footing
2.      Combined footing
3.   Strap or cantilever footing
4.      Mat or raft Foundation

1.Spread or isolated footing

Spreadfooting consists wide base below column. This type of foundation widely used in construction of residential building. 
There are two type of spread footing. 
1.pad footing
2.slope footing

1.1.pad footing

In pad footing slope is not provided only rectangular Reinforced cement concrete slab is provided below RCC column.
In this type of footing design and analysis is simple compare to slope footing.

1.2.slope footing

In slope footing slope  is provided at 45 degree with respect to horizontal. The main function of this slope is to avoid punching failure. The design and analysis is time consuming.

which type of foundation used in residental building ?

2.Combined footing

Combinedfooting are provided when ,
1.      Centre to centre distance is  more between column
2.      Very high load
3.      Eccentric loading on column
4.      Property line of building near to building
In combine footing two or more column are join with one slab.
Combine footing has a two type

2.1.Rectangularcombine footing

  which type of foundation used in residental building ?

2.2.Trapezoidalcombine footing

Trapezoidal combine footing provided where there is very large difference between loading in column.

3.   Strap or cantilever footing

Types of Shallow Foundations and their Uses
Strap or cantilever footing

In strap footing RCC beam(strap) is provided to join two or more column with each other. This type of footing are not generally used in residential building because of less loading.

4.Mat or raft foundation

In mat or raft foundation, RCC slab is provided below all column. Whole area is excavated , then RCC slab is provided in entire area and column are place above that slab. This type of foundation is provided where there is heavy loading or bearing capacity is too low.

which type of foundation used in residental building ?
Mat or raft Foundation

This type of foundation are generally not provided in residential houses, this type of foundation are provided in 3-4 or above four stories complex’s or hotels.

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