Why Civil Engineers Are Not Hire In Interviews ?

Why Civil Engineers Are Not Hire In Interviews ?

Hello guys today we will see Why Civil EngineersAre Not Hire In Interviews ?there are many factors or points which effect overall performance of interview.
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Civil engineeringis vast engineering field as we all know civil engineering is mother of all others engineering branches without civil engineering other branches are useless. 
So one think you have to keep in mind that their is big scope in civil engineering field. Don’t be sad if you cant get job.
Civil engineering contain following branches in which large scope is there.
  1. Geotechnical engineering
  2. Environmental engineering
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Urban Engineering
  5. Materials Engineering
  6. Coastal Engineering
  7. Construction Engineering
  8. Structural Engineering
  9. Hydraulics & water resources engineering
  10. Geo informatics
  11. Engineering Geosciences
  12. surveying 
  13. traffic engineering
As you can see their are more than 10 branches in civil engineering, No other engineering branch has +10 sub branch expect civil engineering. I don’t know why people are till staying that there is no scope in civil engineering ?
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Their is very large scope in civil engineering only thing is we have increase our site knowledge & technical knowledge and prepare for personality development courses so that our skills are increase.
 Without skill you cant  hire in interview because as we know their is very high competition in civil engineering so you have something extra skill compare to other civil engineers.
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Their Are Two Type Of Skills
1.Technical Skill 
2.Professional Skill
1.Technical Skill
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Technical skill contain knowledge of subject and practical experience of sites or projects. technical skill is base of civil engineering.
To increase technical skill you have to do sites visits and read all subject in detail and find application of this subject in real life.
I will recommended that during your engineering go to visit some site during Sunday and start talk with contractor or engineers. this trick will boost your field knowledge.
Core Subjects Of Civil Engineering
Why Civil Engineers Are Not Hire In Interviews ?
  • Surveying-land and surveying
  • Material management  and engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Design of Hydraulic Structures
  • Architecture and Town Planning
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Urban engineering
  • Control engineering

    This are core subjects of civil engineering that you have to read and find actual application of this subjects. I will recommend that don’t go will old syllabus go for recent change or recent technology because company need Morden techniques.

    As we know company required multiskilling engineers so with knowledge of subject you have to learn some softwares which are used in civil engineering.

    Here i have provide list of softwares which are used in civil engineering you don’t have to learn all softwares but few of them which you like.

    1. autocad for drafting and detailing
    2. autocad 3d
    3. revit software
    4. sketchup pro
    5. sweet home 3D
    6. staad pro for structural analysis & design
    7. Etab for structural analysis & design
    8.  MX road 
    9. 3Dx max for 3D modelling
    10. MS project 
    11. primavera 
    12. water supply and sanitary design

  I would recommend that learn atleast autocad ,staad pro and revit for 3D
2.Professional Skill
Professional skill also play important role in selection of interview. various professional skills that you have to keep in mind are,
    • Active Listening.
    • Adaptability.
    • Communication.
    • Creativity.
    • Critical Thinking.
    • Customer Service.
    • Decision Making.
    • Interpersonal Communication.
    • Management.
    • Leadership.
    • Organization.
    • Public Speaking.
    • Problem-solving.
    • Teamwork’s
    • Presentation
You cant mug up this skills, only way of learning this skills is practice and practice and practice.
I have given some trips to increase or to develop this kinds of skills.
1.Practice In Front Of Mirror
You can introduce your self in front of mirror to increase ability of speaking.
2.Practice In Front Of Friends & Teacher
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You can discuss some interesting topic in front of teacher or friends.
3.Learn English
As we know English is essential language so you have to learn that language by writing some notes or by speaking.

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You must know how to present topic in front of teacher or sir or interviewers. you have to master this skill.
5.Public Speaking

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 Do some public speaking activity it  will make your speaking better or more better.
6.Online Course
I will suggest you to do online course which are available free of cost. i will suggest you to Do NPTEL online course of Personality development.
7.Problem Solving
Work on problem solving statements will boost your speed of thinking.
8.Team Work

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Civil engineering work is only possible when you work as a team. so team work is essential in life. work as a team or lead your team in correct path and motivate your team members.
This all things you have to keep in mind before you go in interview. I hope your got a good job.
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