What Is Demolition Plan ? And How Demolition Is Carried Out Of Building Using Demolition Plan ?

What Is Demolition Plan ?  And How Demolition Is Carried Out Of Building Using Demolition Plan ?


Hello guys today we will see what is demolition plan , how it prepare and how demolition is carried out of building.

Before that lets see what is Demolition ?


demolition of building

Demolitionmeans dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking any building or structure or any part of it by pre-planned and controlled methods.

 What is Demolition Plan ?

Based on demolition surveys, a demolition plan is prepared. This demolition plan is produced with the application for approval of demolition to the local authority.

 Demolition plan should include following things

  1. A plan showing the location of a building to be demolished.
  2. Building height, structural system.
  3. Extent of damage to the building. 
  4. Existing structures and facilities in the vicinity.
  5. Layout plan
  6. Proposed method of demolition.
  7. Proposed shoring and precautionary measures for adjacent buildings.
  8. Safety measures to be taken
  9. Proposed sequence of demolition steps.
  10. Details of equipment’s used.
  11. A plan for handling and disposal of debris.
  12. Proposed arrangements for site supervision.
To draw demolition plan first surveys are carried out for  information collection.

What is Demolition survey ?

For demolition of a building, detailed survey and assessment of a building is necessary. The demolition survey includes:
1. Building Survey :
  1. Drawing records
  2. Hazardous materials
  3. Material survey
  4. Surrounding buildings
  5. Type of building
  6. Photographs of a building to be demolished
  7. Building height, distance from nearby buildings
2. Structural Survey :
  1. Drawing records
  2. Behaviour of structure
  3. Special structure
  4. Degree of deterioration
  5. Structural support system
Above survey work is carried out and information is noted after that demolition plan is made.

Factors affecting in drawing Demolition plan

The following factors are effect in drawing Demolition plan
1.Type Of Structure:
The demolition plan varies with type of structure. For demolition of  steel structure demolition plan will be different form reinforced concrete  structure.

2.Size Of Structure
The demolition plan varies with size of structure . For demolition of small structure demolition plan will be different form large structures.
3.Location Of Structure
In hilly area demolition plan will be different compare to demolition of structure in  marine area.

4.Safety Required
Higher safety will required great attention in drawing of demolition plan.
5.Limitation Of Noise, Dust And Vibration
 Limitation of noise, dust and vibration affect methods of demolition and due to change in method of demolition , demolition  plan also change.
6.Available Equipment
Available equipment also effect method of demolition so due to this  demolition plan also change
7.Behaviour Of Structure
Behaviour of structure also change demolition plan.  Properties of steel structure is different compare to RCC structure or concrete structure that why both structure have different behaviour.

How Demolition Is Carried Out Of Building Using Demolition Plan ?

Here I provided step by step detail of building demolition base on demolition plan.
       1.Permission from local authority is taken for carryout demolition work.

    2. Second step is to carryout demolition survey and note all detail which are required for  demolition.

    3.Prepare demolition plan for building And include various thing that I have discuss above.

    4.Find out the location of demolition site.

    In this figure you can see we have to carried out complete demolition of this two building.
location of demolition building
                5. After allocation of site provide safety barrier as shown figure. This safety barrier is provide for safety of adjoining structure from demolition.
safety barier for demolition of building
       6. After proper  safety provision on  surrounding the site remove all the dead load from the building make it soft strip. Here I have provide two photos first one Is before soft  strip and second one is after soft strip.
Before soft strip

After soft strip
             7. In this building we use explosion method of demolition so In below figure you can see its shows exclusion zone 150 m radius. In Area inside 150m radial zone there should not any human or animal during blasting time.
Exlusion area or zone
8        8. In below figure you can see all roads are block and all sounding houses should be empty of people. Various notice boards should be  provided for timing of demolition and warning ahead.
Blocking of roads

                 9. After proper arrangement of blasting material Controlled demolition is carried out on first building.
Demolition of frist building
        10. After completion of demolition  first building, same way controlled demolition is carried out for second building.

Demolition of second building
              11.After demolition of building all debris material is removed from the site using hauling equipment and then foundation of building is remove and cleaning of site is done.

Cleaning of Site

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