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Micro concrete is a flowable mortar for repairs to damaged reinforced concrete members. The quantity of aggregate which can be incorporated may be limited by the method of placing. If a simple pouring technique is used, 10mm aggregate may form 50% of the total, dry materials, but if pumping is preferred the aggregate size and quantity will need to be reduced to suit the limitations of the pump.

When the repair section exists in only one plane, i.e. a simple vertical section, it is sufficient to pour the material in from the top of the shutter, it will not suffer the severe segregation which occurs with normal concretes.

Micro concrete is the combination of cement, prime quality stratified fine mixture, shrinkage compensating agents, and dispersion agents in powder type marketed as a dry powder in packets by construction chemical firms. this can be to be mixed with a planned quantity of water betting on the consistency sought-after – flowable or pourable. Applied as repair mortar or to fill the crevices that can not be done by standard concrete.

Micro concrete could be a dry prepared combine building material based mostly composition developed primarily for employed in repairs works once the concrete is broken and also space is restricted in movement thanks to that there’s a drawback in putting concrete. small concrete is in dry powder from supplemental with clean water on the positioning and it’s a decent quality cement.


If the repair is more than 1.5 m wide it is advisable to have two pouring points being fed simultaneously. is also necessary to consider venting the top of the cavity if it is enclosed. Fig. shows the placing of superficial micro concrete in a vertical section.

Placing of superficial micro concrete In a vertical section


If repair is to a soffit the supply arrangements will be quite different. If the soffit is to a moderately thin Slab, it may be possible to drill feed holes and vent holes right through the slab. If the area exceeds 1.5 m2 it would be wise to have a second feed hole.

The material should not be poured directly down the holes but through a loose-fitting PVC pipe, a rainwater pipe says 50 mm or larger, extending 0.5 m above the top of the void as shown in Fig.

micro concrete


  • Can be pumped or poured into restricted locations.
  • Flowable mortar hence does not. require compaction.
  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state.
  • Develops high initial and ultimate final strengths.
  • Offers excellent resistance to moisture ingress.
  • Can be applied at 100 mm thickness at one stroke.
mixing of micro concrete


  • Repair of structural elements like a beam, column, slab where there is no compaction space available.
  • For column jacketing
application of micro concrete

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