How To Repair Building Foundation 

{ Underpinning Process }

How To Repair Building Foundation – Underpinning Process
To repair building foundation we use under pinning technique in this article you get knowledge of how to carried out repair of foundation. 

What Is Underpinning ?

The process of providing a new foundation below an existing foundation or strengtheningan existing foundation is called underpinning of foundations.

Purpose of Underpinning :

 Underpinning may be done for the various purposes, such as :

1)  To strengthen the shallow foundation of existing building, when a building with deep foundation is to be constructed adjoining it.
2)  To strengthen the existing foundation, which has settled and resulted in serious cracks in the wall.
3)  To provide a basement to an existing building.
4)  To deepen the existing foundation, so as to rest them on the soil higher bearing power.

Methods Of Underpinning :

The various methods of underpinning are as follows:

1. Pit method
2. Pile method


In this method, the entire length of the existing wall is divided into suitable sections of 1.20 to 1.50 m. length.

One section is excavated at a time. For each section, a hole is made in the wall, above the plinth level. The needle made from timber or steel section is then inserted through the hole and supported on jacks on both the sides of the wall, as shown in fig.


pit method of underpinning process - repair of building foundation

pit method of underpinning process - repair of building foundation

The pit is excavated and the existing foundation is taken up to the desired level and new foundation is laid. The alternate sections are taken up in first round and then the remaining sections arc strengthened as shown in fig.

If the wall to be underpinned is weak, the raking shores are also provided.
If the space to support needles on outside is not available, the cantilever needles projecting inside may be provided, as shown in fig.


In this method, the piles are driven at suitable intervals on both side of the existing wall. The needles in the form of pile caps are then provided through the wall; as shown in fig.

pile method of underpinning process - repair of building foundation

Thus, the existing wall is relieved of the loads coming on it. This method is useful for water logged areas and for walls carrying heavy loads. For underpinning very light structures, the piles are driven on both the sides of the structure and the brackets or cantileverneedles are provided to carry the structure.


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