Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List

Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List


Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List

Hello guys  here i have share spread sheet of check list of reinforcement work. You can download it from below download link.

Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List

Need of check list ?

There are many ways to get construction testers to your advantage – making the most of it brings a lot of benefits between your construction project and ultimately all your standardized construction processes and tasks and all future construction projects. You can keep a construction checklist for all stages in all phases of your construction process – from pre-planning to design to project completion, and perhaps facilities management.

The content of your construction checklist depends on unique factors that need to be considered for each fixed project phase. Therefore, you have to be really specific when you draft the checklist that you want to develop. We have listed some special situations where you can use a construction checklist, simply because you get a real-life practical application:

1.Construction investigators are a great tool in implementing security measures and procedures. They are particularly useful for employees complying with safety and health standards to prevent injuries, accidents, and deaths in the construction workplace.

2.Construction investigators are also a great utility for identifying potential risks in a construction site.

3.Construction checklists are also great tools for regular check-ups of equipment and gear.

4.You can use a construction checklist for the new workforce orientation requirements of your construction project. Having this construction checklist allows you to overview your new employees, their competencies and their jobs and responsibilities, and their progress on your orientation guide. This makes it easier for you to assign tasks according to their abilities and track their progress.

5.You can create a construction checklist for all raw materials you need with their source or supplier. This build list allows you to determine what items, equipment and equipment you need for all phases of your project, including what you already have and what you still need to order.

6.You can then create a separate manufacturing list of all your suppliers. This may include your existing people and find suppliers who have the ability to provide you with other requirements.

7.You can create a build list around your project deadline with a time table outlining the expected output on particular dates. Include specific dates so that you can design efficient processes aimed at your intended goals and outcomes.

8.You can include a construction list summarizing all the processes that need to be done to complete your construction project. This checklist will be very useful to outline the nuances of your project stages from planning, development and evaluation. To make it the best, in terms of efficiency, you can include another build checklist that focuses only on update processes that have already been implemented.

9.To ensure good quality of site work. 

10. To important point keep in mind while carry out work.

I have divide this checklist in three main part


This include following details:

1.Name of checklist

2. Project Name :

3. Client Name :

4. Doc. No.

5. Project Location :

6. Date:

Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List


for reinforcement work following points are list in check list.

1.Structural Drg. No. and date as per which reinforcement checked.Bar Bending Schedule Prepared

2.Connecting of bars to existing dowels to be checked for alignment. OK?

3.Placing of Bar diameter, number, spacing match with the Construction Schedule?

4.Lap Length, Position of lap, OK?

5.Cleanliness of shuttering and Bars OK?

6.Chairs provided?

7.Cover for reinforcement ok?

8.Provision of cover blocks/ preparation of cover blocks

9.Maintaining records and getting approval for additional reinforcement not shown

10.To check the construction joint for proper concrete bonding before placing reinforcement

11.Laying of bars of required dia. As per requirement

12.Check for Test Reports for steel and approved brand or not

13.Check colour coding for identification

14.Check for proper binding (double strand/quality of binding wire of 18 SWG)

15.Check for any rework or alteration

Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List


This include following details:

1. Name who check this check list

2. Comment of work

3. Date 

4. Sign

5. Approved by 

6. Check by 

Excel Sheet of Reinforcement Work Check List

you can download excel sheet of reinforcement work check list below


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